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Love Letter to Yourself

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Write your own letter to yourself and celebrate all that makes you YOU.

Love letter to myself because life is short, comparison is like a slow death, our bodies are a miracle, self love has nothing to do with buying something and gosh darnnit... we need to give ourselves credit for what we have done, who we are and quiet the negativity in our brains.So I am letting you in on this. To all the women who feel they have to be someone else for people to like you (those aren't your people anyway). To those that keep cutting, adding, distorting, shifting and manipulating their bodies to look like those fake images on social media...those pictures aren't real and YOU ARE AMAZING THE WAY YOU ARE.

My dearest Melissa, Mel, CHAKI,

I have lived in this body for 44 + years (who the hell knows how old I am...does it even matter) Age is only a number doesn't actually mean much.

I have held 2 babies in my belly. My body stretched, created, supported, nurtured them in MY body for 9 + months.

My body successful birthed them (and you know what I am not LESS of a mom if I didn't do it without an epidural...I am just as much as the mom who home birthed, C section).

I am Managing Director of our local Polka Dot Powerhouse Chapter!!

I started a podcast!

I have met a president.

My body climbed Arthur's Seat in Scotland.

I am raising boys to be kind, do things for others, go after their dreams, think big, and hold the door for people.

I backpacked through Europe 2 X's before Cell phones.

I ran a half marathon.

I played field hockey, tennis, basketball, track in school.

I rode horses and took care of them as a youth.

I worked hard ever since I was a child. Learned work ethic from my parents.

Earned a degree in elementary/special education, then a Masters in leadership and my Autism Certification.

I have cut grass, scooped ice cream, served pizza, waited on tables, taught tennis, built houses, painted more rooms than I can count.

I have flown on airplanes by myself with the boys by myself.

I have driven all over the place by myself and yes have taken some wrong turns but I have made it.

I have been president/treasurer of the MOMS Club and come up with fun groups, awards and started things that still go on today.

I still get scared at thunderstorms and like to be close to Mike.

I have resigned from teaching 2 x's to take care of my boys and follow other passions.

I have been a successful entrepreneur in 3 Network Marketing and Social Selling Companies. Not so successful in 1 that I tried in college=)

I am currently obsessed with CAMO!!

I have ideas constantly scoring through my brain.

I cry at the same movie over and over again...I know it will never change.

I have cellulite on my butt and legs!

I have horrible vision.

I have rolls when I sit down.

I have a little belly that goes over my 2 piece bathing suit.

I have hairy arms.

I have successfully planned every vacation we have ever gone on, our wedding 18 years ago, anniversary parties.

I don't drink a lot (like I really don't).

I love almond butter.

I am obsessed with personal development.

I yell at my kids.

I fight with Mike.

I am imperfect because perfection isn't real. It doesn't exist.

I believe that we need to really love ourselves, for who we are, for what we are, for what we've done before we can TRULY love others. it isn't always easy. But I know the more I show my flaws as well as my successes...I become more human than just this chic online. Too many people only talk about all the really really good things...but don't open up about the realness.

I encourage you to write down the things you have done in your life...graduate school, marriage, job, got a shower when you had babies, travelled, had hard conversations and love yourself...REALLY REALLY love yourself.

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