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Who am I?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Who am I?

This question can hit on so many levels...but have you really sat and thought about it? From this picture you would have no idea that I am a mom, a restaurant owner, an entrepreneur, a wife, a leader, a home owner, a former educator, etc. And while all those things are important...Who am I...really needs to be on a deeper, spiritually level.

Who am I? Is singular. The I stands for me. Melissa the person not Melissa the career or parent.

What does Melissa like to do? What does Melissa enjoy? What makes Melissa happy? What are her passions? What makes her want to get out of bed each day? Where does she want to spend her time? Who does she want to be around? Where does she want to spend her time? How does she like to relax? How does she quiet her mind? What are her strengths? What are her struggles? Why does she do what she does?

I know it sounds strange but I can sit here all day and rattle off all that I have done in my life...SO FAR...but the true gift and beauty is knowing myself. If I don't love myself, how can I truly love others?

When I was doing a coaching session one time I wrote this out about WHO am I: I am aligned with my body, mind and soul in its purest form of LOVE.

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