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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Have you ever created a vision board?

The other night I created my vision board. To be honest, I haven't done it in a few years. It felt great to reflect on what felt in alignment with me in the past and what I envision for myself and family in the future.My current vision board has a lot to do with being authentic and living true to myself. It feels beautiful to me just looking at it.

There are things I want to accomplish but honestly I am done setting hard goals and dates and deadlines. I am tired of the hustle and go go go all the time mentality and that if I am not hustling and working and striving then there is something wrong with me.

Hear me out...there is nothing wrong with achieving but to me I have multiple things I want to do and can do and will do but if I drop everything elsee and go after this one leaves a hole inn my heart. Now I understand a little more why...Ii am a manifesting is how I am designed!! To do lots of things to have many layers....and stop freaking judging myself if I don't want to niche down and down and down. UGH...there is no 1 right way to do anything friends.

Trust yourself. Trust your voice. Trust your knowing. Sit with yourself and know thy self.

I have a few words that I am toying with for this year as my word of the year. But the cool thing is they are all represented on this board.

Here's to an incredible upcoming 2022. It is going to be better because it will be what I make it. and yeah...there will be shit that happens that I don't like but I am determined to continue living in light and love versus being scared and fear.

Do you make a vision board?

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