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What is the key to parenting?

Updated: Feb 21

The key to parenting is love. Loving your kids for who they are. Loving them when they mess up. Loving them when they succeed. Loving them when they fail and get back up. Loving them during heartbreak. Loving them when they spill their milk.

But the true key to parenting is loving yourself!!

Loving yourself when you show up as yourself. Imperfect and all because that is the best parenting advice you can give your kids...there is no such thing as perfection!!

I need to remind myself this everyday. I am human. I make mistakes everyday and recognizing that and appreciating that goes a long way. There is no perfect parent. There is no guide book. There are no set of rules to follow. We create our own rules and those rules change depending on where we are and what is happening in our world.

Drop a Heart for love.

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